It’s so hard to find the perfect foundation. I’ve spent around 8 years of my life searching for the perfect one! I’ve never been hugely impressed until I got my hands on Nars Sheer Glow.

Nars describes Sheer Glow as a glowing, natural radiant foundation with sheer and buildable coverage that immediately evens out skin tone. The foundation even promises to improve your skin if worn daily! This is because the foundation contains skincare ingredients that benefit your skin. Nars Sheer Glow says it is suitable for normal-dry skin but I have very oily skin and I think this foundation works well for us oily skinned ladies too.

Nars Sheer Glow comes in a sleek and simple glass bottle with the NARS logo printed on the front. It contains 30ml of foundation. To use the foundation, you have to tilt the bottle and pour it out onto a surface. You can also buy a pump separately if you don’t like to pour out your foundation.

With 20 shades to choose from you should be able to find one that matches your skin tone pretty well. I’m extremely pale when I’m not wearing any fake tan and I’ve found that the shade Siberia is almost perfect. It’s a little on the yellow side for me, but blended in the yellow isn’t as noticeable. I’ve never come across a foundation that is as pale as this one which is incredible! I’m sure all of you pale girls can relate with the struggle of finding a foundation that isn’t fifty shades too dark.

So onto the application! Sheer Glow has a good consistency; it’s creamy but has lots of movement which makes it very easy to blend. It’s lightweight and doesn’t weigh down your skin and feel heavy. It applies like a dream to the skin because of how satin like the texture is. My skin is super oily, but I get lots of dry patches too and this foundation is fantastic for both areas. It doesn’t cling to the dry spots, it adds moisture without leaving your face feeling sticky and wet. It glides over the oily areas and leaves a luminous glow.

Despite the name Sheer Glow, I would actually say this foundation has medium coverage. It evens out my skin beautifully and leaves me with a great base to work with. If you have skin that is clear, the tiniest amount of this foundation will make your skin look flawless. Sadly for myself and many others, clear skin is something we can only dream of. So if you’re someone who has problematic skin you will need to build up coverage in those areas! It’s pretty easy to do with Sheer Glow as it’s so buildable.

My skin is always left looking bright and radiant with this foundation. It lasts for around 4 hours on my skin before starting to wear off which is pretty impressive for me! If you have skin that isn’t oily, it should last a lot longer. It’s got a finish that leaves skin looking lustrous. It’s a foundation suitable for all ages. My mum is in her fifties and can’t get enough of Sheer Glow and it does wonders for her tired complexion.

The price of this foundation is £31.00 which isn’t cheap but you do have to remember Sheer Glow is a high-end foundation and sometimes you do need to spend more to get those luxurious results. I’d recommend picking up a sample if you can. I’ve found SpaceNK are great for samples if you’re genuinely interested in trying out a product. It’s sometimes on offer too so make sure you look around before buying!


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