Okay, we love a bargain and so do you. Who doesn’t, right? But not all bargain hunters are created equal – we all know that one person who manages to bag the best bits at the best prices while we’re stuck browsing a sale rack with nothing remotely fit for humans to wear left on it. How do our friends get so savvy while we’re left with scraps? It’s not fair!

Don’t fear though, you can be a savvy sale shopper too with our tips. Let these tricks guide you next time you’re hunting for a deal.

1. Make a List

No, you don’t have to write it down but a mental list can be pretty helpful! Good sale shopping skills start with preparation – know what you already have, what you need and what you want. If you just want a simple wardrobe update, focus on basics and classic staples that can be worn together or if you want something a little bit more out there you need to know your trends and focus on them. Having at least a loose idea of what you want will help you hone your sales radar.

2. Join Mailing Lists

Spam email is irritating, we won’t lie, but e-newsletters can be pretty helpful for keeping you up-to-date on all important discounts and sales. Choose your favourite shops and sign up through their website – a lot of sites also send you a discount code just for signing up. You can thank us later.

3. Get a Second Opinion

This is important! Having a shopping partner will stop you buying things on a whim. Yes, it might be cheap but is it really a bargain if you’ll never, ever wear it? If you’re shopping in real life, show your shopping pal what you’re considering and, hopefully, you’ll get an honest opinion that will help you make the right decision. If you are more of an online shopper, screenshot and send a picture to your most trusted, most stylish mate and wait for a yes/no, especially if you aren’t sure.

4. Try Before You Buy

Unless you know your exact measurements and can convert them into every store’s sizing chart, you should definitely brave the changing room queue and try everything on. There is nothing worse than getting home, excited about your sale haul and realising that nothing fits quite right, is there?

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

If you find something you love but it’s the wrong size, don’t be afraid to track down an employee in the shop and ask if they have your size. Chances are that all sale stock is on the floor, but there might be one waiting to be put back out after someone else tried it on or they can check with other local stores. You just might get lucky.

6. Shop During The Week

This applies more so to actual shops, as opposed to online, but weekends are peak shopping times so shops tend to prepare to rotate new stock in on Fridays. Shopping on a Thursday can mean getting first dibs on new sale stock, plus, you don’t have to dodge the hoard on Saturday.

7. Don’t Be Discouraged

Nothing kills the shopping vibe like trying a thousand things on and still leaving the store empty handed. We know the pain, and we know how disheartening it can be. But, just because you didn’t bag any bargains in one shop doesn’t mean you won’t find something amazing in the next one. Power through the disappointment!

8. Look for “Buy Now, Wear Forever” Pieces

The best bargains are the ones you’ll wear all the time. Think classic pieces like well-fitting jeans, crisp white blouses and well-made shoes and bags. These are things that will basically pay for themselves over their lifetime.

9. Plan Ahead

Okay, so you’ve found an incredible pair of ankle boots. They are perfect and so is the price. You get them home and realise that nothing in your wardrobe works with them at all so you find yourself planning another shopping trip to buy more things that you can match with your new shoes. Sort of negates the idea of bagging a bargain, doesn’t it? Always think about possible outfit options before you buy – it’ll save you time, money and disappointment in the long run!

10. Dress Comfortably

Don’t wear too many layers, or anything complicated to take off if you’re planning a serious sale shopping session – you don’t need anything to come between you and those changing rooms apart from the queue. A t-shirt dress and tights works because it’s easy to get off quickly and tights can be worn with most things that you’re likely to try on.

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