About Daniel Wellington

With newfound inspiration from meeting Daniel Wellington, Filip decided it was time to create his own take on the man’s style, and create his very own line of watches. He decided that he wanted to go with a refined, yet minimalistic style of watches. This classic design paired with interchangeable straps is what would lead the company to massive success. After years of being in business, this old school style of watches is what’s kept Daniel Wellington separate from their competitors, and is essentially what’s made them so special.

After Filip’s encounter with Daniel Wellington, he returned home and began working on his lineup of products immediately. He began testing different NATO strap patterns with different styles of watches. Fillip make a commitment to himself that he’d never sell a watch combination that he didn’t like himself. This would assure that all of his products would remain top of the line, and of utmost quality.

Eventually, Filip designed a watch that was minimalistic in design, thing, and refined. Pairing this with the colorful NATO strap really set the tone for him, and he knew he had developed something marvelous. He believed that the traditional watch stylings paired with a colorful NATO strap would appeal to the masses, and that it would allow them to enjoy a classic, timeless design.

After placing an order through Daniel Wellington, you have as many as 30 days to return or exchange your item for a full and total refund. However, the watch must be returned in the same, brand new condition as it was received in. It is important that you return the watch in the same way it was delivered. Pack it the same way as it was packaged, and make sure the watch is positioned in the gift box the same way it was positioned when you opened it.

If you would like to exchange your watch, rather that return it, you can do so by following the same essential instructions above. The watch can be returned for a product of equal or lesser value. If you decide that you’d like a more expensive model, you’ll be issued a refund for your watch, and then you will have to place a completely new order. Feel free to place your order at anytime, and you’ll be notified when the refund process has been completed.

How To Use A Daniel Wellington Discount Code

At the top of the screen, slightly to the bottom-right of the Daniel Wellington website logo, you’ll notice that there is a shopping cart icon, which resembles shopping carts you’d encounter at any retail location. If you have items added to your cart, a numerical value will appear over the icon. When you’re ready to process your order, you can click on this icon to be taken to your shopping cart immediately. Once you’ve clicked on the shopping cart icon, you’ll be taken to the “Checkout,” page. From this page, you’ll see a listing of the items that you’ve added to your cart. You will see the quantity of each item listed, as well as the price, item details, and the ability to add extra bands to your purchase.

If you scroll down the page, you’ll see fields for you to input your information. On the right-hand side of these input fields, you’ll see a summary listing of your entire order. Under the “Grand Total,” text, you’ll see a greyed out button that says “Add Promotional Code.”

Daniel Wellington Discount Code

Once you click on the text, an input box will appear, allowing you to input your promo code. After you’ve input your code, you can click the “Apply,” button, and the promotional code will be applied to your account. Keep in mind that you are only allotted one discount code per order.

Daniel Wellington Promotional Code

Other Promotions At Daniel Wellington

When you purchase a watch from Daniel Wellington, you’ll be eligible to receive free worldwide shipping via UPS. The shipping is of the Express Global variety, meaning you’ll receiving your item within 2-6 business days after the order’s been processed.