BirchBox is a site that focuses primarily on ease of usability. This is a company that wanted to provide consumers with an easy way to find and obtain the beauty products that they love. In addition to being able to purchase beauty products, consumers are also able to find out information about beauty products, so they can make well-informed purchasing decisions. BirchBox allows customers to purchase hair products, makeup, nail polish, body lotion, fragrances, beauty tools, and so much more. This is truly a one stop shop for anyone that needs beauty products.

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About BirchBox

BirchBox Coupon Code

Katia and Hayley are the founders of BirchBox. When they first started out, Hayley considered herself to be a novice, while Katia was an expert in everything beauty-related. Even though they felt like they were at different experience levels, they still agreed on one thing — buying beauty products was a frustrating experience, and equally as confusing. They believed that there needed to be an option for people who didn’t know much about beauty products to be able to try out products, but without going bankrupt in the process. After all, in such a saturated market, it can be difficult for people to figure out what products they need.

So, with a game plan in mind, Katia and Hayley started BirchBox. They wanted to give people a way to learn about beauty products, and try them. In essence, they created what they believed to be a revolutionary experience for the beauty lover to shop online. That being said, the very first BirchBoxes shipped out in September of 2010. Soon after, Katie and Haylee agreed that men should have a better way to shop for beauty-related materials, as well, so they launched Birchbox Man in April of 2012.

How To Use A Birch Box Promo Code

Add an item to your cart, and then proceed to your cart by clicking on the shopping cart icon on the top-right of the website. Typically, there will be a numerical digit on beside of the cart, representing the number of items you’ve added to your cart. From the “My Cart,” page, you’ll see a listing of the items you’ve added to your cart. On the right side of the page, under your items and subtotal, you’ll see a button that says “Edit Cart,” which is exactly what you’ll want to select. From here, you’ll see an input field that will allow you to enter your promo codes. Once you’ve entered your code, simply click the “APPLY,” button.

BirchBox Promo Code

Other Ways To Save Money At Birch Box

BirchBox has a points program. As you shop through the site, and make purchases, you’ll earn BIrchBox points. Once you’ve earned 100 BIrchBox points, you can redeem them. 100 BirchBox points is equal to $10. Feel free to use your BirchBox points at checkout as a payment method to save cash. At this point, your total will be recalculated.

In addition to this, BirchBox also regularly gives out sample products, as well as free products when spending a certain amount of money. For instance, right now, if you spend £35, you’ll receive a free EyeKo Fat Eye Stick Trio.

If you spend over £35, you’ll receive free shipping on your entire order. Also, BirchBox does have an affiliate program, which will give people the opportunity to make money with BirchBox. As you refer people to BirchBox, you’ll earn a commission every time someone makes a purchase through the website.

The BirchBox App

BirchBox also offers an app that you can easily download from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. That way, you’ll be able to have access to BirchBox, no matter where you are. The app will enable you to discover personalized recommendations, see your history, and so much more. This app is so amazing that it was the winner of the People’s Voice Webby Award in 2014. Either download the app through your respective device’s app store, or you can go to BirchBox’s website, and input your phone number into a form that will allow the app download link to be texted directly to your device.

Birch Box’s Return Policy and Information

If you’ve made a mistake, and would like to edit your order, or even cancel it, you will have to reach out to BirchBox immediately, as there’s no automated order cancelling process. BirchBox processes orders rather quickly, so it’s imperative that you contact them immediately if you decide you’d like to edit and/or cancel an order.

As far as returning items goes, you’ll be happy to know that BirchBox has a great return policy, allowing you to return items up to 90 days after your purchase. If you’d like to process a return, you’ll have to contact BirchBox with your order number, and name of the items you purchased. From there, BirchBox will send you a prepaid return shipping label. In other words, you won’t even have to pay for return shipping.

It’s important to keep in mind that BirchBox will not refund shipping and handling fees, if there were any. If you used BirchBox Points during order placement, BirchBox will refund your points, as well.