When was the last time you treated yourself to a pamper evening at home? It’s such a relaxing way to unwind after a stressful day. We’ve all been there and had those rubbish days where nothing seems to go right. You’re overloaded with work. You’ve had 3 hours sleep. You’ve just started your period. Ugh, even thinking about these stressful days is stressful!

It’s important to always remember that you are a priority and you deserve some ‘me’ time. It’s easy to forget about yourself when you’ve got a lot going on in your life. Make sure you make time for yourself sometime soon, even if it’s only for a couple of hours one evening.

My essentials for the perfect pamper night:

  • Face mask
  • Your favourite music playlist
  • Bath/Shower
  • A small selection of fragrant candles
  • All of your shower/bath favourites
  • Dressing gown
  • Your favourite drink
  • Chocolate
  • Skincare accessories: moisturiser rich body butter, silky soft body oil, hand cream
  • Nail accessories: nail file, nail polish remover, nail polish
  • Your favourite movie, Netflix show or book

Before you take a shower or bath apply your face mask for at least 10 minutes. While your face mask is working its magic, go into your bedroom and make sure it’s neat and tidy. There’s nothing more irritating than trying to relax in a messy room.

keep calm and pamper yourself

Switch on your favourite playlist while you relax in the tub or shower. If you don’t have a playlist or would prefer something else to listen to, check out Youtube because they have a great selection of relaxing instrumental music which will help to keep the atmosphere calm and tranquil.

If you’re having a shower, grab your favourite products and use them generously. Maybe earlier on in the day you could make a DIY scrub from honey and sugar to leave your skin feeling silky soft.
If  you’re in the bath, make sure you have lots of bubbles. Radox is an affordable option but if you want to treat yourself, try out a Lush bath bomb. Make sure that you light a few candles to create a peaceful environment. Sink back into the tub and let your worries disappear.

Once you’re finished with your bath/shower grab a fluffy towel and dry yourself. Wrap yourself up in your warmest dressing gown, blow out the candles and head for the kitchen.

Make yourself a cup of tea or pour out a large glass of wine. Do whatever you fancy and don’t forget to pick up that bar of chocolate as you head back to your room.

Once you’re back in your bedroom, put on your favourite movie or Netflix. Some of my suggestions would be Mamma Mia for a perfect light-hearted watch and Pretty Little Liars for an addictive teen drama that you will soon be hooked on. It’s my guilty pleasure.

Once you’ve figured out what to watch, take the time to use all of your skincare products. Moisturise your face, slather yourself in body moisturiser or body oil. Pick one of your favourite nail polishes and carefully apply it to your nails. After your nails have dried, gently massage in a rich hand cream and then change into some cosy pyjamas.

The stage right now is the ultimate unwind stage so embrace your tea/coffee/wine and eat all of that chocolate while you’re restful and snug in bed watching TV. If TV before bed isn’t your thing – now is the perfect time to grab a book. You’ll be feeling so relaxed at this stage that you’ll probably fall asleep. Your mind and body will thank you for taking care of yourself. Everyone needs to be pampered sometimes.

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